Mobile Quotation Application

What is a mobile quotation application?

A mobile quotation app allows sale’s representatives to instantly receive a quote during customer meetings at remote sites or houses. Our quoting software saves admin time and resources. It also creates relief for customers as the order has been processed in front of them and can be tracked until it has been delivered to the consumers door.

Features of a mobile quotation application

  • Price Query
  • Quotation Management
  • Product configuration

These functionalities ensure the correct price for the correct product is quoted and documented based on information from customers at the time of the quote.

Create error-free quotes instantly and are eco-friendly.

Online signatures - make it easier for prospects to say yes by transforming to quote digitally from anywhere, on any device.

Make the right move at the right time - receive real-time data collection, when your prospect opens, views or eSigns a quote.

What businesses can implement a mobile quotation application?

Professional services or companies who have implemented a quotation application have experienced an improvement of customer relationships and an increase of higher profits.

This application is suitable to a range of industries as it can be customized to your business needs. We have recently developed a windows and door quotation application for one of our clients.

Below we have listed a few industries who can benefit from this application:

  • Door to door services
  • Sales Reps for any industry
  • Construction managers

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How much does a mobile quotation application cost?

Dependent upon your bespoke requirements for your business. We can provide you with a quote to specify the cost of a bespoke system.

Why Choose Us?

We have successfully created bespoke, easy quotation applications in many industries and plan to achieve further. We can work closely together with your business via remote networking services to build your bespoke application.

We offer 24/7 customer support, provide training, and allow access to a free demo for clients to become familiar with the system. Feel free to contact us, using the form below, for further questions or information.