Construction Clock In Application

What are the benefits of using a clocking in construction application?

Our construction clock in application is a system ensuring construction site managers are completing building projects safely, within budget and on-time. This application allows site managers to oversee schedule of work and assign tasks to your team ensuring each phase of a build goes to plan.

What are the benefits of a construction clock in application?

This application adds professionalism to your workers. Staff members tend to thrive if you provide structure. Our construction clock in application can benefit you by:

  • Clock in remotely

    Clock in via the office or construction site.

  • Contracts, Notes, and digital signatures for jobs

    Staff in your headquarters can attach files to a job that your construction workers can see instantly via our app, all in real-time.

  • Track accurate time spent on jobs

    Our application allows us to automatically keep track on individual jobs to compare whether the time spent was profitable.

  • Live construction site list

    Keep a list of each worker on each building to reduce calls to the site manager for employee checks.

What are the features of our clock in construction app?

We have listed a few of the features of a clocking in construction application below, they can be adjusted and customized to the needs of your business.

  • Transport costs calculator

    Saving time by autonomously measuring logistic costs and performances

  • GPS Time tracker

    Our GPS time tracker boosts transparency and updates employees when they are on the clock.

  • Instant notifications

    Easily notify employees about shift and schedule changes by emailing, texting, or mobile push notification.

  • Integrated CIS and HMRC

    This scheme covers most construction work from buildings, including site preparation, decorating and refurbishment.

Why should construction agencies have a clock in application?

Almost 6% of the construction industry struggle to be profitable while transitioning to a mobile workforce that leverages technology, it is the perfect time to begin using construction clocking in applications. Construction site managers can easily use this digital system for monitoring labour hours, uploading contracts, saving you time on every payroll cycle, reduce your firm’s average bill for wages, increase accountability for your staff, produce valuable job costing data and help you and your construction managers make better project management decisions based on real time data.

How much does a construction clock in application cost?

We can provide you with a quote to specify the cost of a bespoke solution for your construction company.

Why Choose Us?

We have installed bespoke clock in applications successfully across a range of industries. We have extensive experience in developing and maintaining clock in software with over 100+ employees using the application on a daily basis.

We offer 24/7 customer support and provide training for both mobile application and back end administration portal. Clock in and out app with GPS free demo, available on request.

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