Courier Delivery App

& Delivery Route Planner

Take control of your logistics organization with our with delivery route planner to handle your route optimization, driver tracking, recipient notifications, proof of delivery and more.

Accurate solution to manage your delivery operation

Plan delivery routes for multiple drivers in the palm of your hands with our bespoke solution.

Export a list of deliveries and import it into our delivery route planner in less than 2 minutes. Add notes and info you want drivers to see on the go.

Prefer to have one of your drivers on the east side of the city? Easily swap drivers to routes they are more familiar with.

View your delivery drivers’ jobs progression in real-time and keep up to date with inventory.

View accident records that occur with drivers or receive records of orders that may not be suitable to deliver.

Ensure you receive a full inspection report from the VIS engineer, ensuring the vehicle is safe, legal and in a reliable condition to be on the road.

Always in the loop

Track the progress of your drivers. See where they’ve been, where they are, and they are going. All in real–time.

Find out what time your driver will arrive at stop number 5

Review who signed for the package with the recipient names, signatures, and photo proof for every stop.

Keep customers updated on their deliveries – via email or SMS

Assure all COVID-19 policies are being followed to keep the company

Store your data online and reduce the burden of your hard disk and have access to data 24/7.

Contactless Delivery Management Software for all delivery operations

Food and Drink
Courier Service
Manufacturing & Construction


Who is this app available to?

This courier delivery app with delivery route planner is perfect for distributors, suppliers, taxi organizations, on road businesses and any fleet services.

Can routes be created for multiple drivers at once?

Yes, we support over 5000+ stops and automatically convert them into 100+ optimized routes for drivers instantly.

Which mapping software can you integrate into the app?

We are fully compatible with all third-party apps including Google Maps, iMaps, Waze, and others on request.

How much does a delivery route planner application cost?

Costing is dependent upon your bespoke requirements for your business. We can provide you with a FREE quote to specify the cost of a bespoke solution for your company.

Why Choose Us?

We simplify your delivery itinerary with route optimization and driver tracking. Use real-time data to deliver the most optimised delivery route for mutliple drivers. We offer 24/7 customer support and provide training for both mobile application and back end administration portal. Courier delivery app with delivery route planner demo available on request.

Feel free to contact us, using the form below, for further questions or information.