Instant Food Ordering

NO Hidden Fees

Start taking online food orders today and give your restaurant the opportunity to successfully grow and scale.



With a small upfront fee and monthly payment plans, starting from £19.99 per month, you'll be up and running in no time!

How It Works

Once the customer has successfully registered by providing personal details and email verification, they are notified that their account is registered.

Two-Factor Authentication is used during this process to enable the customer to order securely. Customer data is managed securely via back-end web portal and can be used for marketing purposes within GDPR regulations.


To view the food available customers can scroll or filter for a specific dish. Notifications will alert customers to new deals and items.

Admin staff can easily update the menu with images, descriptions and pricing. Staff can schedule push notifications for the app via back-end web portal.


Selecting a dish from the menu will showcase a detailed description of the food, which will include names of the dish, examples of the dish and the option to add to the basket.

Admin staff will be provided with analytics detailing the most popular items and best selling items customers have selected.


The shopping cart allows customers to double check their order with options to remove or increase quantities of any given item and safely purchase the order through an secure online payment method.

Admin staff will be able to view real-time stock figures enabling them to re-order manually or automatically. All major credit and debit cards including Stripe and Apple pay, is supported via the app.


The food or beverage order is ready for the customer to collect or deliver. Your customer will be notified with order details and payment reference. Orders can be saved to enable faster purchases.

Admin staff will receive notification of the order via a portable printer. Order management and analytics are accessed via the app and back-end web portal. Delivery routing add-on is also available to optimise your delivery and enable customers to track their order.


App Features

  • With our app you can effectively engage your existing resources and manage all orders in real time.

  • We deliver an exclusive app by adding additional features and setting the information display as desired.

  • With this feature users can view whether it is processed or confirmed by the restaurant.

  • Customers can receive notifications immediately when discounts, offers and other promotions are set and published by the company.

  • Postcode based delivery service.

  • As well as an online menu we provide a printable menu booklet for your customers.