Employee Clock In Software

What is an employee clock in application?

An employee clock in application is a software application consisting of a clock in clock out app with gps navigation and administration access to a cloud based back-end portal. This real-time software application can be used as a payroll calculator leading to accurate payments and saving on administration costs.

What are the benefits of an employee clock in application?

The main benefits of a employee clock in app are:

  • Your employees have more structure - managers can identify employees who are habitually late or make a habit of working overtime. This will help your team shape discussions around effective management.
  • Employers can attain more accurate time and attendance information - when employees are absent the managers can record their holiday on a unified system. This will help alleviate strain on the HR team.
  • Employers can avoid costly payroll errors – correcting payroll errors is commonly a time-consuming task for HR managers. By utilizing the automation, you will spend less time identifying and correcting payroll errors.

What are the features of an employee clock in application?

We have listed a few of the features of an employee clock in application below, they can be adjusted and customized to the needs of your business.

  • Accessible Holiday Management – receive real time holiday requests sent to your mobile and approve or decline through a click.
  • Shift rota planner – create an online rota that you and your employees can access at any time and receive automated notifications when new rotas are live.
  • Payroll professional support – accessing essential payroll reports and providing accurate information to HMRC.
  • Absences tracking – record staff absence, scan sick notes and arrange last-minute cover.

Which businesses can use this clock in application?

The clock in app is flexible for any business in the market from micro enterprises (fewer than 10 employees) to large enterprises (over 250 employees). This application can be used widely in many industries such as fast food, construction, logistics, retail, health and beauty and fitness.

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How much does an employee clock in application cost?

We can provide you with a quote to specify the cost of a bespoke solution.

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We have installed bespoke clock in applications successfully across a range of industries. We have extensive experience in developing and maintaining clock in software with over 100+ employees using the application on a daily basis.

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